Every Birthday celebration at the Botanic Garden lasts fot three full hours, the date and time is chosen by you. The celebration takes place outside if the weather allows, infront of the classroom, where tables and benches are avaible. In case of bad weather and in winter, the classroom is available, where we also have the fridge with small freezer. All activities in the Garden are conducted by a guide, during the celebrations birthday boys's /girl's attendants are resonsible for the children.

Activities ant their complexity depends mainly on the age of children, as well as on the season.

The price is 170 €. The price of the 3-hour celebration includes a guide, space, program and materials for the workshops. You have to take care for food, drinks and cutlery (cups, plates, forks…). Birthday boy / girl receives garden birthday present.

All parents may be present throught the celebrations without payment. It is desirable that the parents of birthday boy / girl are present in the garden all the time. The date of the celebration must be arranged at least one week before the celebration by phone or e-mail in order to provide you a guide. One day before the celebration, please let as know the exact number of the children. For additional information, it is best to call in the garden before 12.00 a.m.

We regularly carry out the celebrations Heralds of spring, Hide and Seek with Plants, Planting or making sprouters, Wonderland world of trees, Carnivorous plants, Puddle, Honey plants, Imaginative plants, Auntie Autumn, Pumkin the Pumpkin and Halloween and Creating with plants.

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