Presented in the Garden are individual plants as well as plants in the form of a plant system. This is important in terms of research, pedagogical-didactic and horticultural contents.

Seeds of the Garden plants are collected for our own needs and for exchange with other botanical gardens.  The Garden possesses a seed bank. We keep exchanging seed index (Index seminum) with 293 gardens annually.

Another important task of the Garden is the cultivation and investigation of the endemic species of Slovenia. A number of them have been successdully grown in the cultivation section. The Garden is engaged in the cultivation of plants endangered in nature or even extinct in Slovenia. Grown are also plants that appear in Slovenia only at the borders of their distribution area. Recently re-introduced into cultivation are certain bog and fen species. They can be re-introduced into their endangered natural habitats.

The Garden serves as a testing area to different institutions experimenting on plants that need to be cultivated for a longer period of time. Guided tours through the Botanic Garden reveal the world of plants in a complex and interesting manner. The Garden was used as a quarantine area to 300 Japanese cherry trees presented to Slovenia by the state of Japan.

The greatest project is the planting of the new surfaces along Večna pot below Rožnik.

The Botanic Garden in Ljubljana is a member of the BGCI (Botanic Gardens Conservation International).

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