Tropski rastlinjak
University Botanic Gardens Ljubljana are protected as a cultural monument of national importance since 2008 and are one of the important botanic gardens in Europe and in the world, which was also confirmed by the inclusion in the works Botanic Garden Living History (Monem 2007) and Der Garten als Wissensraum (Standler 2013). In order to allow the Garden to be a source of pride for Ljubljana and Slovenia, we kindly ask you to follow the rules of conduct:
•    It is prohibited to dig out plants and to pick plants flowers and seeds.
•    It is forbidden to destroy, relocate or to remove information signs.
•    Waste and cigarette butts dumping is not allowed.
•    Entry is permitted only for dogs on leashes, dog owners must clean up the droppings.
•    Due to the sensitivity of plants, please solely walk on trails when visiting the glasshouse and the rockery.
•    It is forbidden to climb trees.
•    Taking pictures and filming is permitted for personal use only. For commercial use and public release you must have permission of the garden management.
•    Paths in the garden are intended for pedestrians
. Driving motor vehicles is not allowed.
•    Transportation by boat to the Spica station is not in the domain of Botanic Garden. To organize a trip that includes a boat ride and a tour of Botanic Garden, you have to arrange for the ride with boat transport providers, and for the tour of the garden with us.
•    If you want to organize an event (lecture, concert, birthday, wedding, meeting, trip, picnic ...) in the garden (in the classroom or outdoors), you have to contact us and arrange everything in advance.
•    Individual visitors have free admition to the garden, they only have to pay for visiting the glasshouse. Groups, both groups that visit the garden on their own, with escorts or with their guides, as well as those that decide to take a guided tour, must pay the entrance fee according to the valid price list.
The group pay the entrance fee, even if you see only the outside of the garden.
•    The glasshouse can only be seen in the time when the glasshouse is open. For visiting, the entrance fee must be payed.
•    When visiting the glasshouse, groups with our guide have priority. Only one group at a time can be in the glasshouse.