The meadows, once indispensable colourful treasures of the landscape and crucial goods of the peasant man, are now quite at risk. Excessively early mowing, ensilage and hay baling impoverish plant species diversity. Traditional knowledge which enabled the sustainable use of space and was the primary link that connected man to nature is also being lost. Although traditional meadow mowing was a heavy job and demanded a lot of time, it was better nature conservation than today's highly mechanized mowing. Each phase of work required skills, good knowledge and understanding of the environment. At the same time, specific tools have been developed. All this together led to a successful work Mowing was at the same time a social event where people interconnected intergenerational and from the nearby and distant surroundings. They helped each other, exchanged experiences and have a good time after the work was finished. On tasks like mowing, people connected with each other and with the nature that was giving them home and food. The meadows in Slovenia were created and remained precisely because of human land development.

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Meadows, steep, colourful grasslands

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