Tropski rastlinjak
Please register for a guided tour at least 10 days in advance of your visit by calling Botanic Garden telephone number + 3861 427 12 80 between 7.30 and 11.30 a.m.
If the group does not have a purchase order – order form or a vaucher upon arrival or can not cover the cost of a visit by cash, the group is unable to attend a guided tour.
Guided tours are organized for groups of minimally 15 persons according to the rates per person.
Guided tours are organized for groups with less then 15 persons according to the rates per group.
Several groups can be taken through the Garden at the same time, none of them being larger than a school class, i.e. 30 persons at the most.
When applying for a guided tour, please state the time of beginning (important if the school groups are planning a meal before tour) and length of tour (plus the time required for any meal during the second and third hour of the tour).
In case of bad weather, the program can be customized.
To postpone or cancel a visit, please call us at least one day before the scheduled visit.
If you are late, we reserve the right to shorten your tour.
In case you did not come on a guided tour at the appointed time and you have not canceled your visit at least one day before the agreed time, you will be charged a one-hour tour for 15 visitors.
If the number of participants in a group is 10 or more less than the announced number, it is necessary to pay a supplement.
Accompanying teachers of groups of children are present during the visit, they are responsible for the group and do not interfere with a guided tour.
View of garden with a group is permitted only with guides from Botanic Garden. In tropical glasshouse, guidance is only permitted with our guides. In individual viewing the glasshouse can only be seen in the time when the glasshouse is open, you pay an entrance fee according to the valid pricelist for all visitors, also the accompanying teachers.
During a guided tour, our guides will work only with worksheets that you got in the garden.